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Another “VR” 3D camera surpasses goals on Kickstarter


A super compact 3D camera capable of capturing shake-free videos has raised double the funding goal to bring it to life.

SID claims to offer an immersive and stereoscopic viewing experience. Weeview has created this device and patented digital video calibration to make the form factor so small that the camera fits in the palm of your hand.

This device is a compromise between a 3D camera and a VR camera. Content is better viewed with a VR headset or Cardboard, but you can’t move your head to view other angles of video.

3D screens are supported but resulting video is square, without 16:9 capabilities you have to tell to your 3D screen to not expand image, or you can use Tridef on your smartphone and stream to your TV as explained on this article (you can also use Tridef on a 3D smartphone).

In exchange of that you obtain impressive results even knowing you can’t look other angles, and this brings us other advantage: this is the only VR camera you can look moving footage without dizziness. And you still feel like being there. You can view and download sample footage on our Telegram Channel…

Added to that there’s a cool feature you can share photos with depth to anyone as a wiggle gram. Here’s one example:

You can still get the camera on Kickstarter, saving you 40% off the RRP. A camera kit is available including a custom designed gimbal to ensure shake-free creation and your phone can also be mounted on it, so you can see what you’re filming, the combined cost is less than most gimbals without any camera included. 



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