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You can use 2 smartphones as a powerful 3D camera with Camarada


UPDATE: Camarada 2.0 for Android allows to make 3D photos from a single device by making horizontall scroll. And you can share results as SBS, Anaglyph or Wigglegram GIF. Check this video:

As you know there’s a simple way of making 3D photos with any camera. But that doesn’t work for video or when something in the scene moves before you take the second shot. So an obvious solution is to use 2 cameras to work together as a 3D camera. But that is not as easy as it sounds, because you need super precise sync for video or even some photos. Syncing precisely 2 videos is not enough because our brain detects inconsistencies of milliseconds, every one of the 30 frames (or 25, or 60, etc.) per second was shot on a different millisecond on every camera (or sometimes you can be lucky, this is like you put 2 songs of 80bpm to sound together and cross fingers to both beat together).

Since some time there’s an App called Camarada. This App connects 2 smartphones (i.e. your old device and the new one you just buyed) to record every frame perfectly synced. You only have to adjust your 2 devices perfectly horizontal, so there’s no tilt between the 2 images. The App does the rest. It is better than a 3D camera with fixed separation between lenses, you can separate your devices more or less depending of proximity of subjects. The App adjust stereo base if needed to correct too much or too light separation. Light and color correction is applied so the 2 images have similar properties. So it has potential for be the best versatile 3D camera available. Camarada already has been rewarded with 2 prizes on competitions, one of Google.

Currently Camarada is available on Google Play Store for Android devices, allows to make photos and 10 seconds videos. They are seeking funding to develop a version without the 10 second time limit, because is very complex to maintain a critical time sync with a simple Wi-Fi connection. We on Tridimensional are trying to make a custom 3D camera connecting 2 cameras and device sync is a hell, sure, there are devices of $2000 that can do that work, but if an App can solve that without expending more money than the actual cost of the cameras it will be the best money 3D aficionado can pay. And the good news is they already achieved the funding goals. But they need more funds to develop iPhone sync with Android phones (on iOS is a hell to deal with WiFi and Bluetooth limitations, Apps has no direct access to connections). If you want you can contribute (and pay less to get the premium license when finished developing) in their Kickstarter page. iOS version is expected in spring this year and backers get access to beta versions (iPhone and Android).

You can join your device with a friend to record a 3D video (as Camarada allows to save the 3D video on the 2 devices if you want). You can upgrade you smartphone into a 3D camera if you buy a second one if you can afford it (or if you encounter it cheap or second hand). You can use your old device if it’s camera is still fair. There are a lot of possibilities, and developers are planing to be able to join more devices to record 180 or 360 degree 3D videos. As always, 3D videos and photos are viewable con VR headsets (export to VR), 3DTVs (export to SBS or Half SBS), or with that old anaglyph glasses.

Our recommendation is to use two elastic bands so devices doesn’t tilt, or similar home made solution. If you can construct a support that holds devices side by side and one device rotated to the other side so the cameras on each device are nearer to center of support, you can increase or decrease distance easily without worrying about overlapping cameras. If you can construct such stick, please, send photos of your “selfie” stick to us! You will be our hero.


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