LucidVR 3D 180 degree camera taking pre-orders

[Update June 2017]: LucidVR finally has even more image quality with 4K30 default format, but 60fps has been dropped After a successful Indiegogo campaign, one of the best quality 3D VR cameras is going to arrive to market. The 180 degrees video have true 2K resolution (far better than 360 videos with 4k resolution), and for […]

PlayStation 4 will play 3D blu-rays on the PSVR headset

With the last 4.50 system update, Sony will add support for playing 3D blu-ray on its Virtual Reality headset, allowing users to play 3D movies on a new way, added to ability to play 3D YouTube and 3D videos. It’s still unknown if headset will recreate a virtual home cinema or will only show the 3D image and nothing […]

Volumetric Video: is the future

Remember the Google’s .jpg depth map? It can be applied to video, but it’s still better. Not only you can turn around the video to see from back if you want, there’s a new system that record not only image, it can record a 3D model scene too, like video games. This allows to not only to move freely […]