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Queen in 3D. A tribute to the History of Queen 50 years in the making

[UPDATE:] Updated version with new 3D photos and at a lower price:

The History of Queen through Brian May’s own 3-D camera lenses.

QUEEN in 3-D: a book 50 years in the making, published in hardback, features over 300 personal stereo views, the book housed in a slipcase with lenticular 3-D front cover, together with an exclusive Brian May patent OWL 3-D viewer.

Many books have been written about Queen, but this is a first – an intimate view from the inside by a founder band member; it’s also the first history of any rock group ever to be created in 3-D. Not only has Brian May written the book (no ‘ghost writer’ here), but the 3-D illustrations were all captured with Brian’s stereoscopic cameras, mostly by the man himself. From an early age Brian would travel with a stereo (3-D) camera in hand, so on Queen tours and during recordings he was able to capture rare behind-the-scenes moments of one of the world’s greatest rock bands. Decades later these are now being shared for the very first time. Some of the photographs had not even been fully processed until the book was in the making. Initially thought by Brian to be a quick job, this project turned into a labour of love for May and his team which spanned three years. Each time the book seemed to be close to completion, more 3-D photos were found in forgotten hiding places, prompting further memories and filling in the gaps in the narrative. The book eventually became a compelling set of snapshots of Brian’s life and the life of Queen, over more than 50 years.

The best of this book is that you can see 3D photos in 2D and 3D, it’s not like that old books with red/blue glasses. With the book you get an adjustable stereoscope to see 3D in full color and quality, but photos are printed side by side in a way you can look at them perfectly in 2d without the stereoscope.

You can get more info about what is included in the box in this video:

More info on Queen online.

You can pre-order worldwide the complete box for £50 (about 64$/60€ ) (shipping cost not included)


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