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Apollo missions and the moon in 3D in the new Brian May book

  • Brian May, founder member, songwriter and guitarist with the rock band Queen, and co-creator of the internationally successful rock theatrical, We Will Rock You, is also a Doctor of Astrophysics, a leading campaigner for animal rights, and a lifelong 3-D photography enthusiast.

Queen’s legendary guitarist Brian May has released another 3D book that reveals what Neil Armstrong saw when he became the first person on the moon. A range of spectacular images from the first ever moonwalk, including previously unreleased photos, will allow the reader to get a first-hand look at the lunar landscape.

The new book, called Mission Moon 3-D, aims to help readers relive the great space race with a beautifully illustrated journey through the events which led up to Apollo 11’s lunar landing in July 1969. A rare image of Neil Armstrong during his spacewalk and a selfie from his companion Buzz Aldrin are a couple of the book’s most startling images. The Mission Moon 3-D research team delved into the Nasa archives as well as Russian sources to obtain the captivating historic images to bring the incredible Apollo adventures of the past to life in the present.The collection is the largest-ever ensemble of stereo photos from the Apollo program, with over 150 unique views. Nasa use 3D normally on their missions, whenever is a Rover on Mars or making 3D photos manually of objects light-years away (just by doing the photos after Earth has moved some million miles from the first photo).

As usual with Brian May’s books the 3D photos are easily viewable with the glasses included. You will see strong 3D images without distorted colors as other anaglyph 3D books. And you can see the images normally in 2d by just not using the glasses.

You can buy the book on this link.

If you’re wondering how much quality 3D photos from 50 years ago have we got you covered. You will surprise how sharp are, chemical photographs still are higher definition than most digital photos from smartphones today. Here’s some samples, open them in your 3D device:



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