Start your new 3D life: New glasses-free 4K 3D monitor (+gift: 3D screen for your phone)

Now you can buy a new and cheaper glasses-free 3D monitor. In collaboration with Mopic we are launching a 4K 3D monitor with eye-tracking.

The 28″ Mopic 3D monitor connects to your PC/Mac through an HDMI cable. Also can be used standalone by connecting any USB drive or microSD card with 3D/2d videos.
The camera put on the monitor tracks the user’s viewing position and provides an optimized 3D view, ideal use as main or secondary monitor for your computer.
Designed for consumer use as well for professionals.
Consumer use include: watch (and edit) 3D movies, watch (and edit) 3D photos and photos with depth (made with Portrait Mode of the Camera App of your smartphone), play famous videogames in Stereoscopic 3D (using 3DFM for nvidia 3d vision, or Tridef or 3DGM for any graphic card), and other 3D uses like watch the thousands 3D videos available on YouTube.

The included box can convert any SBS (Half-SBS or Full-SBS) and Top-Bottom 3D image to view it on the lenticular screen attached to the high quality 4K Samsung monitor. The camera track your eyes constantly so you will not have to find a good spot nor lose the 3D image because you just moved your head.

The box include HDMI port to connect your computer (or your 3D camera) as well as USB ports and microSD slot to watch 3D videos without needing to attach to another device. You can connect keyboard and mouse if needed (the box have 3 USB ports). The box have buttons to switch 3D as well as a button for start/stop playing files.

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Mopic is celebrating the launch by offering Snap3D for iPhone (you can give to a friend if you don’t have iPhone) for free if you buy the monitor in September! Even better, if you buy the monitor before September 15th added to the Snap3D you will also receive an HoloGlass for iPad! After buying the monitor you will receive a form for choosing iPhone and iPad model. So if you’re fast you could have 3 new 3D screens at home! The monitor, your iPhone and your iPad. Don’t wait and start your new 3D life.

Buy now and get your gift

You can find the monitor on our Shop

Don’t wait and start your new 3D life with 3 new 3D screens. Start enjoying movies, photos and YouTube in 3D. Everywhere.


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