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Happy National Stereoscopic 3D Day!

Thanks to a proposal of 3D Movie List, the user Parallax Shift registered the third day of the third week of the third month in the US as the National Stereoscopic 3D day. So this March 22nd, 2022 is the first National Stereoscopic 3D Day in the US.

As you know, we’re in a mission to standardize 3D again. And we want your help to make an International Stereoscopic 3D Day in the 3rd of December (3-D), so this 3-D-2022 we could celebrate the first International Stereoscopic 3D Day and make the world know that Stereoscopic 3D is alive and there’s people using it! To collaborate with us, you can use the comments section of this article, our chat (if you don’t have Telegram you can use web version), Twitter, or on our MeWe community.

To celebrate this day, we want to offer you a discount code (code: 3Day) to buy our ProMa glasses-free 3D Tablets and Monitors:

Stereoscopic 3D Day discount!

Use the coupon code 3Day to get $40 off on our ProMa glasses-free 3D devices!.

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Link to original 3D MPO image (watch in other 3D formats -use upper controls to switch format and to view the other images-)

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