How to watch 3D YouTube videos and how to properly upload them

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  1. JAVIER says:

    Adding _2x1 works great for hsbs but what do I need to add to see hou(half over and under) in 3D? Have tried a lot of combinations (_1x2, _2x2, _4x1, _4x4) but nothing has worked so far.

    • Kano3D says:

      I published your concern to the h4vuser forum. Let’s see if there’s a way to watch HOU content.

    • Kano3D says:

      Still not official, but you can now use _1x2 for Over/Under videos on Lume and Hydrogen.

  2. Shanel says:

    thank you for this post, I am a big fan of this internet site would like to go on updated.

  3. Miguel says:

    Hello I used adding the _2x1 and worked fine but in the last update of the Red Player is not working properly and the image looks compressed and does not full all the screen, Do you know if there is a way to correct this. thank you

    • Kano3D says:

      Mine is working fine. Yesterday I updated to the beta version (open settings in Red Player), and it have a lot of new functions

  4. Zoltar says:

    So, I’m guessing English isn’t the author’s first language?

  5. Vasco says:

    hola quiesiera agregarme a su grupo de telegram 3D, tambien soy un apasionado de este sistema. estaba buscando como pasar una imagen 2D a 3D, pero una foto 2D del año 1900. Ahi di con su web. te dejo mi canal, tengo una grabacion de jazz en radio universidad de chile.

    • Kano3D says:

      Ya he añadido tu canal al artículo. Cuando entres a nuestro chat podemos comentar eso que dices de convertir una imagen 2d en 3D.
      El grupo de Telegram es @chat3D

  6. Shashidhar Mruthyunjaya says:

    How to download 3d content from youtube to copy it to a usb drive and play it on Sony Bravia 3D tv?

  7. Colin says:

    I wrote this to make a toggle button for anaglyph and 3DSBS for videos in youtube.
    First you install greasemonkey or tampemronkey in your chrome or firefox.
    Then you add this script, follow link.

    • Jigensan says:

      Colin, your script is excellent but you forgot to give the link! For everyone else, here it is:
      Once the script is running on a YouTube page, notice the new button that says ‘3DSBS’ on the top left corner of the page (at first, I didn’t see it). Clicking on this button and displaying the resulting SBS video in full screen on a 3D monitor or 3D TV makes it possible to see it in 3D with glasses.
      Unfortunately, as of now, this script only works on computers, since most mobile browsers do not support addons.

  8. Grzegorz says:

    Thank you Kano3D for this informative article. I’ve been experimenting with 3D and 360° content since I read it in Jan 2021. I have setup a YouTube channel with (among others) stereoscopic 3D 360° and OU (over-under) videos because I wanted to learn the process of producing, editing and publishing such content. For now it’s mostly based on gameplay (Fortnite) because it was easiest to start with, but with time I do plan to add more variety, depending on demand and popularity of the channel.

    I am trying to be methodical and I tag each video appropriately, please check the playlists:

    The main outcome for now is that playing 3D content in VR directly from YouTube is an almost impossible task. None of the players I tried support that and the native YouTube VR player is probably the worst of all (at least on Vive). One of them apparently support it but only on Oculus and I don’t have the hardware to confirm. Some online sources suggested watching in VR using a browser in a Virtual Desktop environment, which is a bit tricky to setup.

    I think the only option for now is to download the video using a downloader (or pay for YouTube premium to have the button) and look for a player that supports AV1 (I am yet to try that). Would welcome any suggestions if anyone has any?

    Lastly, would this channel I mentioned above be good enough and with the appropriate content to add it to the list on this page?

  9. 3DJ says:

    YouTube 3D Vision streaming also works in PotPlayer. I made a guide here so feel free to add it to the post:

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