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Interview with David Fattal, CEO and Founder of Leia Inc.

David Fattal is one of the most important visionaries in the context of Stereoscopic 3D devices and applications. Many devices and developments are possible thanks to him. We were eager to learn more about the vision of the founder of Leia, so, in the frame of the Mobile World Congress, we interviewed him.

All the 3D content & Apps with 3D capabilities available from launch day on Apple Vision Pro

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Apple Vision Pro introduces 600 Apps designed to harness its ultra-high-resolution displays, With more than 200 available 3D movies on iTunes and Disney+, it surpasses traditional 3DTV in functionality. Supporting sports apps and immersive entertainment like Apple Immersive Video. Vision Pro also enhances work and gaming with productivity and spatial apps, and educational tools that offer immersive learning. Additionally, it allows unique music, shopping, and relaxation experiences.