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3D: The movie starts with a scene from a previous movie -featuring Paul Walker– remastered in 3D, which looks outstanding and makes us to dream of having all saga remastered at the same level. Plenty of homages of other movies, including previous Fast & Furious titles and The Matrix and Matrix Reloaded (we want The Matrix saga in 3D!). During quiet scenes there’s not much depth, but the 3D of action scenes is gorgeous, and it rises the level in the final climax scene, which gives you an outstanding thrill. Definitively, you need to watch this movie in 3D to enjoy all the impactful scenes.

4DX: This movie is the best 4DX experience ever made. Everything thrown at your eyes in 3D is perfectly synced with water, air, and movement effects, it arrives at the same exact moment, making the effects more realistic than ever. The intensity of the seat movements is extreme, even stronger than in Bumblebee. The outstanding final scene, together with the extreme effects of the 4DX system, made all the people in the theater became highly euphoric. This is a fantastic experience that raises the bar to new limits. Worth repeating the experience at least once more. If you love thrills, you need to watch this movie in 4DX 3D.

Fast X


Background depth


Foreground depth


Pop outs & other effects


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One thought on “Fast X”

  1. To late, in Germany we had a 3D Presentation 🙁 But i had no informations how good the 3D is, i found no Website that talk about it or Youtube Video, maybe it is just convertet in 3D and has no much deep and no Popouts like the most Movies had, so i was not in the Cinema 🙁 Hope this Movie get a 3D Bluray in Germany or i can download it in 3D on a website some day.

    I hope the 3D of Meg 2 is good and has Popouts because i really like Popouts not only deep in the Movies.

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