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Huffington Post declares Ultra-D screens as best of CES 2017


Update: Ultra-D also wins ISE 2017 Best of Show Award.

One thing everywhere alleged against 3D screens has been the glasses (even by people wearing sun glasses on pubs or inside the swimming pool). Soon 3D glasses-free TVs appeared, but you have to find the correct spot and you can’t move without losing 3D effect.

Since for a while StreamTV Networks is developing a technology named Ultra-DUltra-D screens allows free movement on a continuum 140 degree angle without losing the 3d effect. Even if you go to the side and exceed de 140 degrees you get the cool 4K image in 2d, so no more double image. Even more, while you’re moving you get a different angle of image like in reality, like a hologram. Traditional 3D showed same image if you move around the screen (this is nothing new because on 2d occurs the same).

And precisely that was on StreamTV Networks stand; Ultra-D screens, and streaming services for advertisers networks who distribute remotely the 3D ads to their screens. And a revolutionary glasses-free VR technology. Yes, you can avoid that huge VR devices (remember when people alleged against 3D glasses?) with Ultra-D without losing tracking movement nor stereoscopic image (you will not avoid your cat to attack your shoes, sorry). And is designed for the new image formats with depth. Read our Volumetric Video article.

Ultra-D technology
Ultra-D technology

The Huffington Post team toke a taste of Ultra-D screens and they get so impressed that say: “Once you experience Ultra-D, you won’t be able to go back to watching regular television“.

Curiously the third device from the Top 10 CES inventions that will blow your mind article is the Axon 7 Max with depth map camera which we showed on our first post.



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