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You can make 3D photos with iPhone 7 Plus dual camera


The Plus version of iPhone 7 offers two rear cameras, a part of using 2x optical zoom there’s little difference between using iPhone 7 or 7 Plus, until now. Now the popular third-party camera app, ProCam 4 is using the phone’s dual cameras in an innovative way to produce 3D images.

The app works with manual user intervention: when you click the shutter, the App shows you two overlapping photos displayed simultaneously on-screen. Then, theoretically, you have to align them manually by dragging one image on top of the other (it’s supposed lenses are always the same distance, so we see this a form to break the 3D effect). This alignment can produce bad 3D images, so we recommend to use i3DStereoid from our Apps section to auto-align images (and maybe increase or reduce effect). ProCam gives you the option to save the image as a Wigglegram GIF, save 2 JPEG + 1 GIF or as a Video + GIF. If you want to see results in 3D you need to select JPEG + GIF and merge the 2 resultant .jpgs with an external program (again, we recommend i3DSteroidfree or i3DSteroid as merges the 2 images on one side-by-side .jpg compatible with almost all 3D devices).

If you want to share to friends that no have 3D equipment you can use the GIF to make something like this (no need to perform a perfect alignment in this case):

An example wigglegram taken with ProCam 4. (Image Credit ProCam)

You can send these wigglegrams to GIF ready apps (like Telegram). This GIF is heavy because is recorded on very high-resolution, so be careful when sending over cellular data.

Please, note that there’s a delay between capturing image from one lens and the another, so you can’t capture moving objects, we don’t know if is for technical reasons, but that’s a big deal as you’re more limited than if you do 3D photos manually with i3DSteroid. Also, for stupid reasons, you can’t make 3D photos with ProCam if there’s no a lot of light.

We recommend to visit our tutorial for manually take 3D photos with any camera. It’s faster, have less limitations and more possibilities than using Procam for theoretically take advantage of 7 Plus dual cam.


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