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Ultra-D to show a 6K 3D screen with 16 million pixel on CES 2018

Today StreamTV Network’s published a tweet announcing private previews on CES 2018 to experience their latest device: a 16 million pixel panel (6K). That is double pixels than a 4K screen. In 3D. Without glasses. Until now, there was only massive 5K resolutions for computers, but Ultra-D goes beyond and doubles definition of 4K for their 3D screens.


2 thoughts on “Ultra-D to show a 6K 3D screen with 16 million pixel on CES 2018”

  1. Today is September 11th 2018. I am eagerly waiting for any information on when and where I might be able to view in person your very exciting glasses free 3D products (especially the television sets). Will we be able to view and purchase your devices in coming year of 2019 ? I visit my Best Buy store every week anticipating some impending good news. Life is Good, but Samsung or Sony will do ?

    1. Thank you for your interest, but Ultra-D is not ours, I don’t know when the first Ultra-D TV will hit stores, and next year maybe we have Leia TVs too, they’re similar.

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