3DSteroid now make use of these 3D screens of new devices

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3DSteroid now make use of these 3D screens of new devices


UPDATE: There’s no need to download beta version as App was updated on Google Play Store with these and other improvements.

Some years since last update 3DSteroid and 3DSteroid Pro get a needed update to support the 3D screen of new devices like the  ZTE Axon 7 Max, Elephone P8 3D and the Doogee Y6 Max 3D among others. As you know 3DSteroid allow us align correctly two 2d images to make an stereoscopic image, a necessary step to achieve great 3D results as explained on How to easily make 3D photos with any camera.

To download the beta version you have to go to http://stereo.jpn.org/android/beta.html (Pro users -which can automate alignment and save with higher quality- have to download from http://stereo.jpn.org/android/beta_pro.html, this version is not working for non Pro users)

When beta version is installed you have to press Stereo on bottom bar and select 3DLCD. Since now you can view results on your own 3D device before saving it so you can make fine adjustments to correct issues or increase or decrease convergence (the amount of image is going outside or inside the screen), so you can avoid things too near eyes. Note before saving image that leaving 3DLCD view mode save image in the .jps image format, which is in reality a simple .jpg with the double image for 3D devices recognising as 3D file, but that format can make your Gallery and photo Apps thinking is not an image, so for compatibility reasons you should change again viewing format in Stereo from 3DLCD to PARA. (Parallel). You can also rename the .jps file so it ends instead in .jpg. But if you achieved a wonderful 3D image you could save in .jps so you can upload to Phereo App as this App needs images in .jps or .mpo to allow upload images to this marvelous 3D photo community.

We didn’t find any donation page of developer of this great App, so the best way to support developer is buying Pro version from Play Store as is doing this job from years and developer also is maintaining from almost 2 decades the PC version: StereoPhoto Maker, so is allowing whole digital generations to make easily their own 3D creations.

We recommend to take first the images with native camera App from your phone -as you can use all capabilities from camera like HDR and you get better quality- and then open the two images on 3DSteroid. Remember that saved images in 3DSteroid go to the folder 3DSteroid/Camera_saved


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