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Introducing ProMa King Tablet


UPDATE: ProMa King Tablet available now! Click here to buy it on our Store.

Tridimensional joins a leader OEM specialized on stereoscopic displays, they have made the glasses-free 3D screens of some popular smartphones, and also 3D displays for enterprises, 3D digital signage and 3D video-walls. And because they lastly have made improvements on lenticular screens to get rid of some limitations, now is possible to have easy-to-view lenticular screens the size of a tablet.

Finally you can enjoy the quality and sharpness of lenticular 3D screens, but on bigger sizes. And also there are other improvements over previous lenticular devices. Is simply the best glasses-free screen available. This device will satisfy 3D enthusiasts from all around the world.

Key features:

  • New glasses-free screen solves problems of lenticular screens on big screen sizes.
  • 4x more resolution than holographic 3D alternatives:
    • All 3D content is Stereoscopic, not holographic, so you shouldn’t sacrifice that much resolution for slightly different new views that you’ll only see when you move.
  • 3D YouTube direct supporthalf-SBSfull-SBS, and even Top-Bottom (Over-Under). At last a new 3D device that does not forget the largest library of 3D content, right on the official YouTube App itself, no matter if you watch at full screen, standard view with comments and related videos, or even on reduced Picture-in-Picture mode while browsing other videos.
  • Included 3D movie streaming service for free! We can’t force streaming services to include 3D content, so the King Tablet provides streaming of great Hollywood blockbusters.

Wait no more and get all the details:


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