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The next generation glasses-free Stereoscopic 3D ProMa device


UPDATE: Now available on Indiegogo!
US, Canada & Mexico users: You only can get the device on the Indiegogo campaign. After it ends, users of that countries won’t be able to purchase the device.

The moment to unveil our next device has arrived. Our objective is to make 3D a big thing again, no matter if it is with a device by ours or other brands. We think that as more 3D screens in the world the better, and if there’s more than one or two alternatives for the people the better. People shouldn’t have to conform with the pros and cons of one device because there aren’t alternatives. People should be able to choose that better fit their needs.

With that objective, we are launching a new tablet. This tablet is Stereoscopic 3D instead Lume Pad’s Holographic 3D. This means you get 4 times more resolution in 3D than the Lume, perfect for 3D photos and videos (and we have a surprise for movie lovers). Until now, except Lume, all glasses-free 3D tablets were very difficult to watch in 3D; ProMa tablet have a new kind of 3D screen with same viewing angle than Lume’s 3D images. But you get an impressive 1280×1440 resolution per eye instead of 4 views of 640×720 per eye on Lume. So if you prefer having the regular single view of stereoscopic 3D images but with more sharpness, this is your device. The size of the crisp and vivid 10,8” 3D screen allows you to enjoy 3D movies anywhere, watch YouTube or see your crystal-clear 3D photos with more detail than on any other portable 3D screen.

We have been working for a few months with a prototype sent directly from the factory, and we will review the device with this new stereoscopic display. And the resolution is not the only strength of the tablet, we have more surprises and details that we will be unraveling over the next few days before launching a campaign on a popular crowdfunding platform. Follow us on social networks to get all details and news about the tablet.


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3 thoughts on “The next generation glasses-free Stereoscopic 3D ProMa device”

  1. This is great, but with the Red Hydrogen One quickly aging, a 3D phone with 3D camera is much more needed at this point. Hopefully someone takes the initiative to do that sooner rather than later.

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