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3DTVs are back!! and they’re glasses-free Monsters… (at least if you have the money)

As you know, we have been fighting for years to bring again a 3DTV to the market. And we are proud to announce that finally we achieved an agreement with our provider to manufacture 3DTVs at demand. Just in time for the 3D wave that Avatar 2 is leveraging thanks to state of the art new 3D technology.

A 3D Blu-ray connected to the ProMa 3DTV

The new 3DTVs use glasses-free multiview technology. This means all people watching can move without losing the 3D, viewing angles are wide. The glasses-free 3DTV gives you freedom and will immediately captivate you and your family. And when using traditional 2d content, you’ll enjoy crisp 4K images on the 65″ display.

Every spot on the room will allow comfort 3D viewing, you will notice the different viewing angles only when moving around the room. On the below video recording, you can appreciate how the switching looks like when you’re moving horizontally around the room:

When moving around the room, you won’t lose the 3D effect, you smoothly get another viewing angle with perfect 3D.
Video of the ProMa Monster 3DTV. Recorded in 2d.

These devices are not manufactured in manufacturing chain, production of every unit will be at request, after customer order. For that reason, and being innovative glasses-free technology, the costs are significantly higher than regular TVs.

3D capture of the ProMa 3DTV showing a 3D Blu-ray movie

But we also offer the ProMa Monster 3DTV with sizes up to 98″. This giant device can replace giant LED displays, at similar cost, but with impactful glasses-free 3D display, all with the flexible connectivity features of a 3DTV. Museums, clubs, retail-shops, etc. can benefit of glasses-free 3D images. And those who can afford it can make a difference in their home theater with instant eye-catching images.

A high-end 3D Blu-ray player is the perfect companion for these 3DTVs. And you can connect your USB drive or microSD card too, to enjoy your 3D photos and videos. You can play automatically all content in a loop, perfect for showcasing products of your business to make a high impact campaign… Or simply to show off your new glasses-free 3DTV.

Enjoy 3D cinema like never before, thanks to the vibrant colors, and the freedom of not wearing glasses.

We know that most people won’t be able to purchase a 3DTV at this price, and we’re sorry to not be able to offer more affordable 3DTVs. But if this new 3D wave keeps exciting people, more brands could decide to re-enter the 3DTV market. We encourage other brands to offer what people want: more new 3DTVs.

Now you can play in glasses-free 3D a huge library of games playable in Stereoscopic 3D, above all from PC and PlayStation console games. No need for eye-tracking, you can play with your friends in the same room.

You can find more info on our webshop on the product page of each device. Contact us to make an order of any 3DTV, and we will manufacture it for you. We continue working to bring high quality new 3D devices to people.


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  1. Rosa Ana Álvarez García

    Tengo una buena colección en 3D y me encanta quiero seguir con el y pronto quiero comprar otra tv y me quiero enterara y tener claro mínimo 65′

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