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Some interesting updates and time limited opportunities in video editors with Stereoscopic 3D support


There are a lot of options if you want to edit your 3D videos. Today we bring you some updates about the 3 most popular video editors

Huge discounts on bundles

Humble Bundle is known to offer bundles of software with huge discounts, discounts even bigger than buying on another sale only one of the products included of the bundle. These deals only last some days.

Almost every year Vegas Pro was included in one of these bundles (we personally purchased various versions with perpetual license on lasts years, Vegas Pro is our main editing program thanks to the low prices of these bundles). This year they are offering a 1 year license of Vegas Pro Edit 19 along with Sound Forge Pro, and a set of assets (the assets license if perpetual).

Vegas Pro Edit bundle link

And coincidentally or not, these days they’re also offering a pack including Pinnacle Studio 26 (and the legendary Corel Draw and WordPerfect programs), which also have Stereoscopic 3D support, but they doesn’t publicly advertise it, and in the documentation they only mention Stereoscopic Text, and its 3D display support. In this case the license is perpetual (you own forever that version of the program).

Pinnacle Studio 26 Bundle link

New Stereoscopic 3D features on DaVinci Resolve 19 Studio

DaVinci Resolve Studio is the most professional tool to edit video, no matter if is in 2d or 3D. With a wide variety of tools for editing and grading three-dimensional stereoscopic projects. These features offer complete control over clip-specific stereoscopic properties, for example convergence, floating windows, eye alignment, mastering, and delivery.

Promotional image used for announcing Resolve Studio Stereoscopic 3D features

On the last beta version, they added some features to improve Stereoscopic 3D editing:

One thing they improved are Stereoscopic 3D control layouts on advanced and mini panels. And now, they also support Stereoscopic 3D clips in Fusion compositions (work in progress), previously, these 3D videos weren’t recognized in Fusion, which was a big deal.

Added to Resolve Studio, there is Resolve, the free version; But if you need Stereoscopic 3D tools you will need to buy Resolve Studio, which also include other features such as support for multiple GPUs, 4K output, motion blur effects, temporal and spatial noise reduction, multiple AI-based tools, HDR tools, camera tracker, voice isolation, multiple Resolve FX, and remote rendering.

Other news

Final Cut Pro now presents Live Multicam, which allows users to wirelessly capture up to four different iPhone cameras, to capture four different points of view of a scene, whether working with their own devices or collaborating with others. While this not means Stereoscopic 3D support, it can be an interesting solution for capturing from custom stereoscopic rigs, allowing a flexible use of 4 cameras, like 2 Stereoscopic rigs, or capturing with more than 2 cameras for choosing in post-production which stereo base fits better. To not speak about holographic capture with 4 views.

Live Multicam connects wirelessly via Final Cut Camera, a new video capture app, which enables users to view up to four iPhone or iPad devices and provides a director’s view of each camera in real time. It allows users to adjust a range of settings including white balance and manual focus, while monitoring recordings with zebras and audio meters. Users can adjust ISO and shutter speed, and enable focus peaking, bringing even more power to the camera system on iPad Air and iPad Pro (it will run on any Apple silicon).


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