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Black Panther: Wakanda Forever


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3D: Lot to say: first the not so good: this movie lacks HDR, so colors are not so deep (I don’t know if it’s intended aesthetically). And now all the good things. Foreground’s depth is very good, lots of effects across the movie, aerial scenes often have lots of pop outs of the screen, and there are impactful aerial action scenes that suddenly go underwater and the other way around, it’s very impressive. Speaking underwater, there are a lot of effects, including a tunnel-like ocean current. There are impressive slow motion scenes, but we would put them more negative parallax (more outside the screen). They use plenty of 3D resources everywhere, with scenes that resemble the 3D of movies like: Avatar 2, Finding Nemo, 300, Wonder Woman, Iron Man, and others. Good showcase of what you can do with 3D.

4DX: sometimes less is more. This movie starts with almost no effects (quiet scenes), when the action scenes arrive, it impresses a lot. On one scene you feel a pistol very near to your ear, in 4DX you often feel bullets around your head, but this time you feel the pistol shooting, and the 3D sound makes the sensation more impressive. There are sudden hits regularly, and the action is exciting. Overall the movie is very funny with the 4DX effects, action is brutal.

3D Sound: Some scenes with very precise location of objects (like the pistol near your ear), there’s a sort of god speaking with low frequency voice, is forceful. Sound is important in some scenes. Some scenes use the subwoofer in conjunction with high frequencies, and it sounds nice. Good surround, no positional sounds above.

This is the movie with most people in the credits working on stereoscopic 3D I have seen. There’s even a big logo of SDFX studios (formerly known as Stereo-D) at the end of the credits.

Wakanda Forever


Foreground depth


Background depth


Pop outs & other effects


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