How to record Spatial Video with your iPhone 15 Pro / Max

If you own an iPhone 15 Pro or Pro Max, you should start recording your videos in Spatial Video from now on, even if you will never have a Vision Pro (check our previous article): There are no drawbacks, and it adds another dimension for the millions of 3D devices that are coming out soon. The only […]

Spatial Video is already here. Comparison with i3DMovieCam recordings

Apple has just released iOS 17.2 with the ability to record Spatial Video on the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max. Currently, there is no notice about taking Spatial Photos. Several iPhone models have already been able to record 3D videos and pictures using the two horizontally aligned lenses, thanks to the i3DMovieCam app. This […]

The iPhone 15 Pro & Pro Max are officially a 3D camera/video camera from Apple

The just presented iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max are the first iPhones that will officially bring 3D capture to the masses. UPDATE: The horizontally aligned lenses in the iPhone 15 Pro & Pro Max are the wide and ultra-wide lenses, so 3D images taken with i3DMovieCam will be finally at 1x zoom. With […]

Apple Vision Pro. Is it a game changer for 3D?

Apple Vision Pro is the entirely new device Apple is bringing next year. This device is both something already seen on other devices, but also something entirely new. Basically, Apple Vision Pro is an AR (Augmented Reality) device, but made using highly advanced VR (Virtual Reality) technology. This way they can avoid all the big […]

The charm of manual 3D photography (without 3D camera). Tutorial

Many people enjoy the immediacy of a 3D photograph taken with a 3D camera. However, these cameras are quite limiting in the types of photographs you can get Table of Contents: Did you know that 3D photographs can be taken with any camera or cell phone? And they’re more satisfying than photos taken with a […]

You already have the finest 3D tablet. Now what? Here you have a lot more 3D content

You are enjoying the integrated features of the new tablet. You can watch 3D movies in streaming, see your personal 3D photos, enjoy the ever-increasing 3D content at YouTube, browse stereoscopic communities on social networks, and so on. But… … Do you want more 3D content to enjoy? Do you want to learn new things […]