Qoocam EGO 3D camera


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Wide stereo base camera with stunning video quality

Capture 3D photos and videos with life-like quality with the EGO camera. Thanks to its 65 mm stereo base, you can enjoy good depth amount on a modern camera. The HFR capabilities makes your 3D recordings more vivid than ever, better than 3D Blu-rays, no more stuttering on 3D video, objects appear more real and solid, like on Avatar 2.


QooCam EGO is the World’s first 3D camera for instant immersion. Using stereo 3D technology and magnetic design, the camera lets you capture moments like never before.

With the detachable magnetic 3D viewer, the system automatically enters the playback mode, and you can instantly enjoy your captured images feeling being there again.

The direct output format is side-by-side. There’s no need to convert format or stitch the footage. Create your stories and captivate the world!

Breathtaking 3D.
The revolutionary optical correction algorithm understands how humans see, study and optimize all details involved in the blink of your eyes. Working together with our top-tier resolution, QooCam EGO offers a boundary-pushing experience that would completely indulge you in the scene.
Innovative magnetic design

Innovative magnetic design

Ture-to-life Image. Fluid, Crisp, Vivid.

QooCam EGO combines the best features on the market to generate fluid, crisp, and vivid video.

Always Ready to Immerse You in 3D

QooCam EGO has two lenses that capture the world just as you see it, enabling it to provide an ultra-realistic 3D experience that liberates all your precious moments from the flat screen.

App control and streaming

Use our 3D templates and quick editing to boost your footage.

Add Holograms to your videos!

Snap, View, Edit, Share. Smoother than Ever Before

No stitching. No Converting. EGO directly outputs 3840*1080 side-by-side MP4 video, perfectly compatible with major 3D devices and online platforms.
Get ready for 3D vlog.

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