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CyberBlack: BLACK FRIDAY + CYBER MONDAY WEEKEND. Only until November 29th.

Note: Device will not be sent to US, Canada or Mexico. If you live in these countries, you only can get the device by backing our Indiegogo campaign. Orders with package destination to that countries will be reimbursed.

Finally, you can enjoy the quality and sharpness of lenticular 3D screens, but on bigger sizes. And also there are other improvements over previous lenticular devices. Is simply the best glasses-free screen available. This device will satisfy any 3D enthusiast.

Key features:

  • New glasses-free screen solves problems of lenticular screens on big screen sizes.
  • 4x more resolution than holographic 3D alternatives:
    • All 3D content is Stereoscopic, not holographic, so you shouldn’t sacrifice that much resolution for slightly different new views that you’ll only see when you move.
  • 3D YouTube direct supporthalf-SBSfull-SBS, and even Top-Bottom (Over-Under). At last a new 3D device that does not forget the largest library of 3D content, right on the official YouTube App itself, no matter if you watch at full screen, standard view with comments and related videos, or even on reduced Picture-in-Picture mode while browsing other videos.
  • Included 3D movie streaming service for free! We can’t force streaming services to include 3D content, so the King Tablet provides streaming of 100 great Hollywood blockbusters.
  • Connect it to your PC and use as 3D monitor for your PC! This allows to edit 3D video, edit 3D photos, or watch your 3D content without transferring the files to the tablet.
  • Watch 3D content from websites (like 3D communities and groups from facebook, twitter, and other social networks, Twitch, Vimeo, etc.).
  • Support for all 3D formats, including MPO and JPS.
  • Convert it into a 4G notebook with our exclusive keyboard with included touchpad and function keys to control brightness, volume, etc.*

Thanks to the impressive 281ppi of the screen, you will enjoy 3D like never before. Our tablet have more pixels per inch than the Retina display of 2021’s Apple iPad or any iPad Pro, that extra pixels help when you switch to 3D content to not lose much sharpness, still more pixel density in 3D than some other 2d devices.

In 3D mode King Tablet offers 200% (double) pixel density than a 4K TV of 48″ (189ppi versus 92ppi). Yes, this means that movies look crisper in 3D on your tablet, than the flat 4K images of your TV.

No matter if you are watching a 3D movie or a 3D trailer, you will be stunned by the crystal-clear 3D images and brightness, all without having to wear glasses.

3D movies look gorgeous, and sharper than ever.

Browsing the various 3D photo communities and groups around the net is at last an instant gratifying experience, you don’t need anymore to first download the 3D files to know how will look in 3D. Stereoscopic communities can now unleash their power to communicate and spread the power of stereoscopic images.

Your ProMa 3D tablet does not only allow you to enjoy 3D content everywhere, but also can unleash your productivity allowing you to work anywhere, even without Wi-Fi coverage. Thanks to 4G mass-coverage you can get connected almost anywhere on the world**.

And if you get the King package, you will have a handy high-quality and beautiful keyboard case specially designed for the King tablet, while protecting your precious device. The keyboard case also acts as table support, so you won’t miss your notebook.

  • Are you on a tight budget? Select the Basic package, you will still enjoy all the features of the tablet.
  • Do you want to add some protection? The 3D enthusiast package offers you a stylish stand & protection for your precious device.
  • Do you want to convert your tablet into a full-featured notebook with keyboard and touchpad that also protects your device? Select the King package.


What makes the ProMa King Tablet special

  1. We use lenticular 3D technology based on glass, not PET film. Glass is more stable and more accurate in lamination than PET film.
  2. We use special coating on the glass, to avoid internal reflections the maximum possible.
  3. We use special structure of lamination in order to keep the maximum brightness on the 3D display.
  4. We use single view 3D display, in order to reach the 3D resolution as high as 1280×1600 per eye on the 10.8″ screen size. Which gives double pixel density in 3D than a medium (48″) 4K TV in 2d.
  5. In result: this is the best 3D tablet, with zero ghosting, zero crosstalk, easy to find sweet-spot, crystal clear and sharp 3D display; All this allows you to enjoy 3D comfortably.

*Keyboard optional.

**4G SIM card not included.

Additional information


128 GB (expandable with up to 256 GB via microSD card)


USB Type-C (OTG supported)
3.5mm minijack
Wi-Fi (802.11a/b/g/n/ac)
Bluetooth 4.1 technology
4G SIM tray (dual SIM or SIM + microSD)


IPS 10,75"
4 MP 2560×1600 (280 PPI, 190 PPI in 3D)


64-bit architecture 10 core high-efficiency processor.


Charger5V/2A TYPE-C charger
Up to 5 hours watching online 2d or 3D video. More hours watching stored video or doing other online activities. Up to a week in stand by mode.

File support

3D & 2D: MPEG4-SP, H.264/AVC, H.263, 3GP, 3G2, MP4, MKV, AVI, WEBM, WMV
3D: MPO, JPS, JPG (or any SBS/Top-Bottom image in supported 2d formats)
MP3, MP2, AMR, AWB, APE, M4A, MIDI, OGG, WAV, FLAC, 3GP (Need License: AAC, WMA)


English (Australia, Canada, India, Singapore, UK, U.S.), Chinese (Simplified, Traditional, Traditional Hong Kong), French (Canada, France), German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish (Latin America, Mexico, Spain), Arabic, Catalan, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Malay, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil, Portugal), Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese among tens of others languages and variations (all languages included on standard Android system).


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