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How a Glasses Free 3D Monitor could help your business?

3D monitors can be used by 3D professionals as well as by enthusiasts to play SBS 3D content or 3D movies. For professionals it is a good tool to visualize the 3D effect in real time during the 3D animation...


Windows: New 3D film premiering April 25th at your home

3-D SPACE presents the independent 3-D experimental film “Windows” to enjoy from home We may not be able to watch a lot of 3D movies in theaters right now, but we still want great 3-D films. The experimental 3-D feature...


Meet StereoPi v2. Make your custom device with 3D camera

StereoPi v2 is an improvement of the previous generation which helped a lot of creators to create exciting projects. StereoPi v1 still helps thousands of makers to do their first steps in stereoscopic photo, video, VR experiments, and run a...


‘Euskadi’ filma René Le Hennaff-ek zuzendu zuen 1936an, zinematografoaren asmatzaile Louis Lumièrek garaian garatu zuen 3D teknika baten bidez. Loraldiak dokumento etnografiko hau publiko aurrean erakustea lortu du. ‘Euskadi’ fue dirigida en 1936 por René Le Hennaff, siguiendo la técnica...


SD&A 2021 3D Theater Session

UPDATE: After the broadcast we would like to highlight the incredible technology of the technical demonstration for neurosurgeons. We have no doubt that it will revolutionize this field. The 3D Theater Session showcases the wide variety of 3D films produced...


The CES of 3D: lots of 3D products awarded at CES 2021, including Lume Pad

CES 2021 is here and as usual they concede awards to innovative new products (only new products already or imminently available to buy, not prototypes). The first conclusion we arrive is that we live in a 3D world. 3D imaging...