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Demand 3D projections at return to cinemas #BackTo3D

Cinemas, restaurants, and malls have been closed for some weeks. Rightfully so, as health, safety and trepidations of spreading COVID-19 transcend any benefits of social gatherings. With the rise of streaming services and online...


Help Restore the 1977 Martial-Arts Classic Dynasty in 3-D

This stereoscopic gem will fly off the screen in Super 3-D and Quadrophonic Sound! Since October 2015, 3-D Film Archive has successfully restored twenty vintage features for preservation and Blu-ray release. Generous backers have...


Share your 3D photos and videos on our new group!

If you want to share your creations with more 3D enthusiasts like you we have made a dedicated group on Telegram.  You also have our group chat to discuss about the articles on our...