How to easily take 3D photos with any camera

First we must understand the nature of a 3 Dimensional moment in time. The reason that we judge and appreciate depth is that we have two planar, 2 Dimensional references at any given time… our two eyes. By adjusting the angle of each eye, we can focus on objects at any arbitrary distance, throwing objects at other distances out of focus. This contrast between focus and blur, along with an inner knowledge of how our eyes are aligned and the distance between them, gives us the ability to estimate the distance to objects.

So if we capture two images from a scene at proper angles, we can then view the scene later in three dimensions. This denotes a stereo pair. 

So let’s take your camera/smartphone and look for a quiet subject to capture. Knowledge of depth by our brain it’s supposed to be received simultaneously by our two eyes, and brain can’t decode correctly images projected on both eyes from different moments of time, so be sure nothing moves in scene between first and second photo.

Make the first photo and after this first photo carefully move horizontally your camera to left or right side a few inches avoiding vertical displacement (if subject is closer make less horizontal displacement than if is farther). From now make all your 3d photos moving on the same direction, to avoid later processing.

Look this 3d photo pair: if you compare top right border of both images you’ll note that right image captured a bit more of building than left image, if you look left border of both images is the left image who captured a bit more scene.

For the moment you can put your images together like the above image on a single .jpg file with any photo editor. Now you can open this standard .jpg image on your 3DTV or 3D device and activate 3D, if you don’t see the image clearly in 3D maybe you’ll need to edit JPG and invert place of images (some 3DTVs can do it for you). Note that you can use this method with the old film cameras, but you will need some Stereo Viewer to put the prints and see it in 3D.

This is the basics for making 3D photos with any camera. On next tutorials you will know how to perfectly align images to avoid defects and using automated Apps to do the stereo pais and saving in different 3D file formats.

Make your own testing and ask us if you need.


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