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3D smartphones unveiled at Mobile World Congress 2017

We have been witness in the first months of 2017 to an avalanche of 3D phones. And, there’s more on the way. Sadly, almost all follows the ridiculous style of only have 3D screen or 3D camera, not both. That’s crazy because having both is the best way to enjoy 3D, if you only have 3D screen you have to look for 3D content, if you only have 3D camera you have 3D content but you can’t enjoy it directly.

Anyway, we are here to make public these devices presented on Barcelona’s MWC 2017 some days ago. So here we go:

  • Honor V9

    This 5,7″ device comes in two versions: 4GB RAM with 64GB internal memory, and 6GB RAM with 128GB internal memory. This is the most intriguing 3D device as it comes with a 3D laser scanner, theoretically you can scan things as easy as taking a photo, but this is something that we need to test. It’s 12MP dual camera has a low f/2.2, so we assume it will suffer in low light conditions. Other features are Quad HD (2K) screen, 4000mAh battery, USB Type C, 8MP front camera, Dual SIM and LTE. It’s selling only on China for 377$ and 508$.

  • Energy Phone Pro 3

This device has two 13MP sensors for 3D photography, as it lacks 3D screen you have to use VR goggles or headset. Ships a 5,5″ FullHD IPS screen. 3GB RAM with only 32 GB of internal memory (admits microSD of 256GB). The battery capacity is 3000mAh, and use USB Type C. It will arrive to Europe this spring at 269 euro. We don’t know if it will arrive to USA or UK.

  • ZTE Blade V8

    This ZTE device comes with 3D camera, but lenses placement are bad for 3D photos, because only works on portrait mode, so expect big black bars on your 3D TV or even on VR glasses. Ironically the lenses separation are better than on ZTE Axon 7 Max we will speak later. It has a small 5,2″ FullHD screen (but small screens are better if using VR contents, because you notice smaller pixels). Comes with 3GB RAM and 32GB internal memory. The battery only have 2730mAh. It will cost 269 euro on Europe, no notice about USA or UK.

  • ZTE Axon 7 Max

    This beautiful device is the only packing both 3D camera and 3D screen. We already spoke of it on our first post. It has two 13MP lenses with laser focus. The FullHD 3D screen is 6″ large. Sound is powered by dual Hi-Fi processor with Dolby Atmos. Comes with 4GB RAM and 64GB of internal memory. And have a big 4100mAh battery that charges in only 1 hour. The dual camera take depth information, but the result is “only” a 3D photo. The two sensors are too close, so it will work better with close-ups. You can buy it on China or USA for about 400 dollar or 325 euro. While other media just discovered this device on MWC 2017, we have used this device for more than a month, and we will publish our review very soon.

  • Doogee Y6 MAX 3D

    We already announced this device. A 6,5″ beast with 3D FullHD. For the moment only for playing 3D video. Unfortunately it’s 13 megapixel camera is not 3D. Ships 3GB RAM and 32GB internal memory. The battery is as big as it’s screen: 4300mAh. The aluminium body is so comfortable that you feel you’re using a high end device. Other nice thing about this phone is the low 180$/€ price. Coming soon the review.

  • Umidigi Z Pro

    This stylish mid-range device has Seene style 3D photos, so you can see from different angles without 3D screen, also has Living Images like Lumia (or Live Photos like iPhone). Lenses are too near, but they’re 13 megapixel from Sony (and normally Sony cameras works better on other non-Sony phones). The FullHD screen is 5,5″. Memory is 4GB RAM but only 32GB internal memory. The battery is 3780mAh and connection is USB Type C. It will cost 299$ (275€), but you have 50$ discount if you want to pre-order.


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  1. hola, ¿puedes enviarme una fotografía 3D original a mi dirección de correo o un enlace para descargarla tomada con el ZTE para ver sus características?

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