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Other amazingly revolutionary 3D products presented on CES 2017 by Ultra-D creators

If you read our article about Ultra-D technology you know that Ultra-D TV is the future of 3D-TV. But that was only the beginning.

A lot of consumer products are being developed using Ultra-D technology, actually StreamTV Networks is deploying 3D digital signage solutions, that wow factor will spread everywhere while they improve technology for mass-market.

“Ultra-D delivers a wow-factor that is perfect for digital signage,” explained Stream TV Vice President Bud Robertson. “We’ve been working closely with IAdea and Signagelive on one of our joint projects that recently debuted in Milan. The customer feedback has been fantastic and we are looking forward to upcoming deployments throughout Europe.”

First Ultra-D screens are already on UK for digital signage. The deliver the only True 4K media appliance on the market, YouTube and HTML5 ready and with real-time and streaming capabilities. But we are more interested on consumer products, so let’s speak about them.

Here is the list of Ultra-D products and technologies presented on CES 2017:

  • 6″ mobile Ultra-D screens for immersive content on-the-go
  • 3D gaming on a PC gamer-friendly 28″ Ultra-D screen
  • Live demonstrations of Stream TV’s SDK now being used across game, film, medical, automotive, aerospace, defense, education and digital signage sectors
    • Unity Engine demos
    • Unreal Engine demos
    • After Effects demos
  • Awesome glasses-free 3D entertainment demo’d on Ultra-D 65″ and 50″ TV screens powered by IAdea’s best-in-class True 4K media player

If all of these these technologies arrive to mass-market will be a true massive revolution on how we use our digital devices. Without limitations of current 3D -included glasses-free- every screen could show depth on all contents: webpages (using the .jpg with depth map format we spoke on Axon 7 Max article), video (and volumetric video), image, tv, video games, headset-free VR, digital newspapers, cameras, cars… Everything and everywhere.


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  1. Está claro que las 3D lejos de morir (como muchos agoreros afirman) en realidad es una tecnología todavía en pañales, no están muriendo sino naciendo, y evolucionando constantemente.

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