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Do you have a 3DTV? And Smartphone? You have infinite 3D contents!


If you can’t download any App from the article visit our custom store of 3D Apps for free for Android:

Do you still believe that 3D is limited only to blockbuster movies? We will demonstrate that movies is only a small percentage of what you can see in 3D. Take advantages of your tv with photo communities, live concerts, documentaries, 3d maps, videogames and other software and even your own 3D photos made with any camera device. The available content is unlimited.

First step, connect your device to your 3DTV

  • ¿Do you own a SmartTV? This is the easiest way, use Miracast -included on Android 4.2+-, or AirPlay for iPhone/iPad- (better than Chromecast, which is limited to some Apps) so you can stream anything. Can’t find Send to device on your Android? use Miracast Shortcut to activate it. Don’t forget to switch on your TV the WiFi on and allow connections. Rotate your phone horizonatlly when playing 3D content so it fills your TV, and hide App interface (including Android Navigation bar if needed). When you see 2 almost-equal images filling each one half of your tv press the 3D button of your TV.
  • If your TV has no WiFi (or Miracast) you shold buy a Miracast receiver-or AirPlay for iPhone/iPad- (Miracast is better than Chromecast as can stream anything), so you can use Miracast Shortcut (you need Android 4.2 or better) to send content from your device to your TV.
    You can also buy a MHL cable (check if your device supports MHL), which allows to connect your device to your TV with HDMI cable.
    Once Miracast or MHL are connected you have to select on your TV the HDMI input where device is connected. Don’t forget to switch on your TV the WiFi on and allow connections. Rotate your phone horizonatlly when playing 3D content so it fills your TV, and hide App interface (including Android Navigation bar if needed). When you see 2 almost-equal images filling each one half of your tv press the 3D button of your TV.

Make your own 3D photos with your mobile device, even if is not 3D, and enjoy it on your TV

Making your own 3D photos is as easy as taking 2 consecutive photos, as we explain on: Make 3D photos with any camera. After you have to join them with 3DSteroid, check our Mobile Apps section, if needed align vertically to put both photos to same height, you will achieve wonderful results if 3D is correct (Near objects: do a little separation between shots. All subjects are far: leave more distance between shots). The good thing is you can check and practice which distances achieve a comfortable and enjoyable 3D, so you will improve over time.

Look amazing photos from 3D experts and artists

People are doing 3D photos for over a century using the manual method explained before,  as it is more flexible than a 3D camera, others build their own 3D camera with 2 identical cameras, there are unveliable works out there. It can be considered distinct from photography art. There’s even hand painted paintings. You can contemplate this works with Phereo.

Go to settings, adjust to Paralel on 3D setting, after that you can browse photos and when you find one you want touch one time to hide interface (hide Android Navigation bar if needed); You also have App for Samsung SmartTV or you can accesing from your TV web browser -in this case you have to try which format is correct: Interlaced, 3DTV or Paralel-.

Looking others work you can improve your skills.

Look documentaries, videogame gameplay, live concerts and much more on 3D YouTube

Every month tons of new 3D content are uploaded to YouTube. You have to look for SBS (side-by-side) content, try looking for something and adding SBS to the search. In example: IMAX SBS, GTA V SBS gameplay

Be careful! Unfortunately there’s a lot of fake 3D videos on YouTube, mostly movie trailers and videogames, there’s some people using automatic conversion software which results in a creepy and uncomfortable image. Remember: if you don’t feel perfect and CLEARLY 3D  is not real 3D, do a favour to your eyes and stop looking at it, put a negative rating to the video and comment the video and write “fake 3d” so you warn next visitors to not trying to see this fake 3D.

We have created two 3D channels only with real 3D videos: One for Movie trailers and another for videogames.

You also have VR on Youtube, but there’s a big chance your TV will try to expand the image. Don’t give a bad rating to this videos, people using VR headsets can enjoy them. There’s also people trying to look 3D content on Cardboard and marking with bad rating some perfect 3D videos, this is because Cardboard magnifies too much some 3D scenes. It will be always better to look 3D content on 3D display and VR content on VR headset.

As said previously, put playing video at full screen and hide controls before activating 3D on your TV.

All we have said with YouTube works with other video communities like Vimeo or Dailymotion, and there’s less chance to find fake 3d.

Downloaded videos and photos

Do you have 3D content downloaded from internet? Use Tridef 3D Gallery to see them. Free version allow to see only the last files added (enough for most people). If you want to support programmer you can unlock all limitations for 7 dollars. This App also allows to play VR and square content without to expanding or distorting image.

Movies and short films renting.

The bigger Netflix style 3D App is 3Doo (you can install it directly on your SmartTV). Soon will be a big new player: LaTV 3D, born as live tv channel (some of their programs were on 3doo and had an impressive production level, the best 3D ever seen) will reborn as 3D VOD. We will announce when it arrives.

Do you own a rooted Android device? You have a stereoscopic 3D videogame console

Only install Tridef 3D games and you will stream 3D software to your TV. If included games on free version convice you can unlock full version. You can enjoy games like Real Racing 3, FIFA or GTA in stereoscopic 3D… You can even use 3D maps with Google Earth!

Other content

  • There’s millions of 3D SBS on the Internet (even from XIX century), historical photos (and 3D documentaries of WWII, Hitler even recorded his nazi propaganda in 3D, and used intensively 3d maps).
  • 3D Maps. Install the Cardboard App and when browsing inside App open Google Earth.
  • You can get one of the cameras of  3D Devices and make your own videos (and photos).
  • If you own a computer with HDMI output you can enjoy 3D videogames, movies and photos installing TriDef 3D.
  • If you own a nvidia gtx graphic card you can enjoy thousands stereoscopic 3d games waiting to show the lost depth inside them (the virtual worlds of videogames processed on graphic cards are tridimensional, after rendering that world the card transform that on a 2d image to represent it on screen). You can buy the nvidia 3dtv play software to send the 3D to your TV or you can buy nvidia 3d vision so you also can buy a 3D screen computer (or you can find an old and cheap CRT screen, 100Hz capable).
  • If your tv does not force you to expand image you can use Virtual Reality software and content. You can see on 3D 360/180 degree videos (yes, that includes POV porn), VR videogames, anything that works with Cardboard or the VR hub Fulldive, or the VR social network vTime.
  • Speaking of computers there’s Demoscene computer art, this incredible creations are based only on programming and maths. You need nvidia 3d vision on your PC to see what you’re losing on regular screens. If you want to see on your 3DTV you can open GeForce Experience and start recording your “gameplay”.  After that copy video to your mobile device and use Tridef 3D Gallery as explained before.
  • You can see Depth Photos with Seene (was removed from App stores by snapchat, but you can fin it on our Telegram channel), images from Depthy also can be seen with Seene. You have to open a photo in full screen and select View on Cardboard, you can stream that image to your 3DTV. We will speak about Seene and Depth Map Photos on next months.
  • 3D Porn. No more explanations needed. Download the files to your mobile device and play at full screen to activate 3D on your TV.
  • Classic movies
  • We will publish a 3D store for your Android device, so you will enjoy more 3D content.

Content is infinite.


We remind you that we have more original content on our Telegram channel, open it at full screen and activate 3D on your TV. If people want we can create a group in the future for our users, so you could ask questions and share your 3D photos and recordings with other users.


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