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Gemini Man introduces the new 3D+ format, and famous 3D haters recommend to watch it in 3D

This week Gemini Man will debut in cinemas. Director Ang Lee (Billy Lynn, Life of Pi) filmed this movie in a new 3D format, 3D HFR at 120fps (which will be screened at 60fps in cinemas). It seems this combination is so good that critics are praising it adamantly. If you remember The Hobbit, it was screened in 3D HFR (High Frequency Rate), but this frequency rate was not well received, the cause?: Movie sets were very unnatural and cheap for such expensive film, and HFR just made it more obvious. Also 48fps was not enough for travellings and some camera movements, in the midst these suddenly smooth became “jumpy”. Unfortunately, they were not smart enough to use movements that did not excess 48fps smoothness and did not solve it in post production. Critics used these arguments to blame the HFR, they became nostalgic about 24fps cinema. Now, after the movie been screened (at 60fps and 120fps) for critics, the same people blaming HFR have turned into recommend to watch Gemini Man only in 3D and HFR. Also recognized critics that previously blamed 3D cinema are recommending to watch the movie in 3D HFR. It seems that shots taken at an oversampled 120fps (which will be projected at 60fps in most cinemas) do the magic. The format is so good that producers made a new logo for it and called it 3D+.

3D+ IN HFR. The logo for the format

Look for 3D+ screenings at your favorite cinema, make sure to find a HFR session with the highest frame rate available. Most theaters support 60fps, but there will be some projections at 120fps if you are lucky .


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