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The new SuperMultiView screens, available now!

Help bring to market the next generation of holographic 3D devices. Holographic 3D screens do not need glasses and allow you to move and view different image angles, such as when you move in the real world, allowing even 3D blind people to appreciate depth through movement. Forget old glasses-free 3D screens, this new generation offers even stronger depth and pop-up than Ultra-D screens.


We want to offer a real alternative to consumer users who want to replace their 3D TV, there is no alternative on the market, although the older 3D TV is no more than 10 years old, people will eventually need a replacement. There are many promising future technologies, but we think it is necessary to close the gap between “old” 3D devices and future light-field technologies that may come in a decade or more. We noted that there are many new holographic 3D screens, but all of them are reserved for professional use while consumers are left with no alternative, so we think consumers can take advantage of these professional monitors. Thus they will not be abandoned by technological progress while keep enjoying the ultimate 3D content.


We are looking for 3D enthusiasts who want to level up and bring to the consumer market the next generation screens previously available for custom digital signage solutions only. We understand that this is not a cheap product, we are not launching this sale looking for big profit margins, what we are looking for is to keep the small community of 3D enthusiasts alive, and also work and build a relationship with our provider. Ultimately we want to manufacture a future holographic 3D smartphone, a device designed to avoid repeating the same chronic (and obvious) mistakes of 3D smartphones.

Due to the professional nature of these units they do not have a tuner, but there are plenty of cheap set-top-boxes that can turn any HDMI monitor into the best SmartTV, the monitor also comes with Android OS so you can install 3D Apps like Phereo 3D photo community, 3D Steroid for aligning your own 3D pictures right on the screen, and of course watch YouTube’s ever-growing library of 3D videos and documentaries.

The technology

These 4K displays offer SuperMultiView technology with up to 54 image angles; These 54 views are automatically generated from traditional 3D images (2 views). If you are wondering if these new visualizations will be accurate, you need to know that these depth calculations from the two perspectives of a 3D image have been done precisely for years on devices like iPhones and other smartphones for these bokeh photos, the same technology as Red Hydrogen One from last year uses to generate H4V images (4 views) from the device’s only two cameras. Current technology allows you to generate an unlimited number of views from just two views, thanks to a technique called disparity points. SuperMultiView technology uses these calculations for things better than bokeh. Thanks to powerful processors, all 3D content available today and in the future is automatically made available in holographic 3D that unleash 3D images.

You can buy it right now directly from our new Shop:


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