We're launching next generation Holographic 3D devices!

UPDATE: New and cheaper 3D monitor available. And more Holographic screens coming this september

Help bring to the market the next generation of Holographic 3D devices. Holographic 3D screens doesn’t need glasses and allow to move and see different angles of image like when you move in the real world, allowing to even 3D-blind people to appreciate depth through movement. Forget old glasses-free 3D screens, this new generation offers even stronger depth and pop out than Ultra-D screens.

Our provider needs a minimum order of 5 units to manufacture, so we are launching a crowdfunding Kickstarter campaign looking for 3D enthusiasts that want to level up and bring to consumer market the next generation screens previously only available for custom-made digital signage solutions.

These 4K screens offer SuperMultiView technology with up to 54 angles of image, this 54 views are generated automatically from traditional 3D images (2 views). If you are wondering if this generated new views will be natural you have to know that this depth calculations from 2 images are being made precisely for years on devices like iPhones and other smarpthones for that bokeh photos, the same technique that Red Hydrogen One from last year use to generate H4V (4 views) images from the only two cameras of device. Actual technology allow to generate unlimited number of views from two thanks a technique called disparity points, let’s make use this calculations for better things than bokeh. All 3D content available today and in the future are automatically available in Holographic 3D. Unleash the 3D allowing to watch them with freedom of movement! 3D images will change as you move as objects in the real world.

The screens are available now! Go to our Shop! New screens coming this September!


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  1. Verdugo says:

    Can I be alerted when the kickstarter happens? Will you be using Indiegogo or Kickstarter .com ?

  2. Keith Littsey says:

    Please notify me immediately of this exciting news

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