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3DTV channel alert: Watch it now

Thanks to our friend 3D Fran, we found out a russian 3D channel streaming 3D contents 24h a day. There are variety of contents, and the russian language is not an obstacle to enjoy most of the programs; which includes documentaries, concerts, reports, and sports…

This channel is HD Media 3D. And you have a lot of ways to watch it on your 3D devices.

If you have a supported 3D SmartTV you can download the official Vintera App which offers 174 channels from the HD Media group. The App is also available on Android, iOS (both free and pro versions allows to watch the 3D channel) and directly from browser, so you can use on any device that supports SBS, right on an integrated internet browser or from an external input (a PC, media player with internet browser or smartphone).

But there are better ways to watch the channel if you have a PC or an Android device (such a Multimedia player connected to a 3DTV):

PC with NVIDIA 3D VISION (or other kind of 3D system)

Stereoscopic Player

You have to use Stereoscopic Player as is one of the bests 3D video players that allows most 3D systems of all kinds. First configure your viewing system, then Copy the link of the button below and click File Open URL… and Paste the address. When prompted select SENSIO HiFi 3D or Side by Side (left image first).

PC/Mac/Linux connected to a SBS ready 3D screen or TV


You can use any player that allows to open streams from internet. We recommend VLC. Copy the link of the button below, click Media Open Network Stream… and Paste the address, on your 3D screen activate the 3D (Half-SBS mode).

Column interlaced 3D smartphone / smartphone + 3DTV


Install the sView App on your device, open sView – Media Player and open the menu on top right, select Settings and on Select device choose column interlaced and Stereo as output. If you don’t own a 3D smartphone you can select TV to stream to a 3DTV (using Miracast). After setting the view system just click the button below on your device and select sView (you can copy the address and save it on your messenger or notes App). Once playing if the second top-left icon is not a L|R you should tap it to change to that source format.

Android Media Player + 3D screen / smartphone + VR headset / Other devices


You can use Kodi or any other media player with url stream support (like VLC with high chances being available on your device). (If you want to use a VR headset on your mobile you can follow the tutorial on this link). We can’t explain instructions for every device, but you have to open Kodi and configure the Stereoscopic 3D Mode of your screen on Video output settings (if your screen accepts Half-SBS you don’t need to configure format on Kodi, but it will allow you to play other 3D files in the future). Then you can open the link of the button below (you have to find a way to copy the url and paste on Kodi, you can also push the button to download the playlist.m3u8 file and transfer this file to your TV).

Concert on HD Media 3D

We have watched this channel on a lot of 3D devices and we’re enjoying it, it’s wonderful to watch 3DTV on our Axon 7 Max and King PPTV 7S on any place, quality on our LG 3DTV (using Vintera SmartTV App) is good. Also we have watched the channel on our computer with paid version of Stereoscopic Player (which we recommend to buy).

Quality of programs are good and well produced. We will watch it often from today. Totally recommended. This channel is the best ally to enjoy our new SuperMultiView screens.


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