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LA 3-D Movie Fest Online available to watch

UPDATE: On the YouTube channel they publish new shorts every week. With exclusive content for Patreon subscribers.

3-D SPACE presents select films from the 16th Annual LA 3-D Movie Festival, streaming in side-by-side format for 3DTV viewing, and in red/cyan anaglyph format for computer and handheld devices.

The live event was streamed on May 3rd, 2020, on their YouTube channel at 3-D Space is a nonprofit organization and a museum worth to visit. You might consider helping them here.

You can now watch this 3D pieces in the links below, there are both great and strange pieces, and the last one have a simple how-to tutorial on how to make it’s impressive effect.

SBS version:

Anaglyph version (red/cyan glasses):

What is 3-D Space?


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