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Could Mulan return to theaters after all?


This weekend we went to the theater to watch Wonder Woman 1984 in 3D (we gave our #BestOf3D badge). As usual the theater exhibited some movie trailers before the movie, and by surprise we saw the trailer of Mulan in glorious 3D. Could this mean that Disney will offer the possibility to project the movie in cinema chains after all? It would be an interesting move. There’s people will always prefer to watch movies on a theater, so the possibility to experience the movie on a big screen, big speakers with 3D sound, and ideally with 3D image too, seems not a bad idea, even if the movie is available on a subscription service. After all, movies watched at home seems not so great or important like the ones you watch on a cinema (even if you have expensive high-end equipment), not to speak about our digital world full of distractions…

Let’s hope we could watch this movie in theaters after all.

We remind you to Ask Disney to offer their 3D catalog on Disney+.


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