ProMa VR+ eye-tracking 28″ 4K 3D monitor

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Enhanced glasses-free 3D monitor: Designed to bring maximum depth for increased amount of immersion compared to other glasses-free 3D monitors. Reliable integrated eye-tracking, comfort viewing. Includes professional carrying case with wheels.

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New improved model!

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With this enhanced glasses-free 3D monitor, you will experience an increased amount of immersion compared to other glasses-free 3D monitors. It’s designed to bring maximum depth for 3D professionals and enthusiasts, so the user will feel inside the scene. VR has been more and more popular in the recent years, because of it’s immersive feeling. But to wear on the goggle, and being isolated from the environment, is neither comfortable nor safe. 3D monitor VR version is adjusted to specially fit the VR content, by pushing back the focal plane to the back of the screen so that to display a wider and farther spatial field, so that it is possible to enjoy VR content in an easy and open environment, but still very good immersive experience. The monitor also offers pop out images floating in the air.

This monitor is gaming ready thanks to low input lag: 30ms.

The integrated eye-tracking use the award-winning Intel RealSense™️ technology, which makes the images stable even if the user is moving, brings comfort to viewing, and is transparent to use. This 4K display also include 5W stereo speakers.

You can connect via HDMI or DP (DisplayPort) and installation can be wall mounted. The display comes in a convenient professional carrying case with wheels, so you can safely travel with it to use on various locations.

Estimated shipping time: 7-14 days.

Note: This 2d recording can’t reproduce the 3D images floating midair, so they are simulated by making the images outside the frame of the screen.

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Additional information

Weight 17 kg
Dimensions 651 × 400 × 63 mm


Special features

Smart 2D/3D switching (Auto switch into 2D if no viewer detected in the range, swicth to 3D again when viewer enters at range)
Pure and clarity 3D effect, no crosstalk, no ghosting, no jitters and no other issues
High Quality eye-tracking thanks to standard Intel RealSense™️ camera, providing fast response for stable image even when moving.

Best viewing angle for 3D


Best viewing distance for 3D

0,6 m – 1,5 m (1.9 feet – 4.9 feet)

Power consumption

45 W


Black, White

1 review for ProMa VR+ eye-tracking 28″ 4K 3D monitor

  1. Thierry

    Here is finally a 3D monitor worthy of the name. The 3D is splendid and without any defect, all the effects of reliefs are full. The image is beautiful and very bright.

    The quality of the 3D video must be good, obviously.

    The eye tracking does a remarkable job, there is no latency, it is really amazing. It still works with the brightness of the screen alone, superb immersion.

    The right distance between me and the 28″ monitor is about 70 cm, which further enhances the immersion. It’s really cool not to wear glasses anymore, it changes everything. It’s a pleasure to re-watch my 3D movies, personal and professional 3D videos and 3D photos on this screen. It’s great for live editing of 3D videos on Blackmagic Design’s DaVinci Resolve software. It is an excellent 3D calibration tool.

    It’s true that you pay a certain price but the quality is there.

    I strongly recommend this 3D monitor for those who are passionate about 3D or for professionals, it is really worth it.

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