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Review of the most popular 3D cameras

We have published a review of the two widespread 3D cameras: the Fuji 3D W3 and the Panasonic Lumix 3D1. You can find them on our 3D Devices section.

Which one will be better of you? Maybe one or maybe both together…

FujiFilm 3D W3 Panasonic 3D1
  • Far landscapes
  • Manual 3D photos with custom separation
  • Instantly view results in 3D
  • Low movement video recordings
  • Low light conditions
  • Live concert recordings
  • Near subjects
  • Good video quality even with fast movements

1 thought on “Review of the most popular 3D cameras”

  1. owning a FUJIFILM W3,a Axon 7 MAX,a LG SU760(korea version of LG 3D),and a K3DX cellphone(made by the same company with Axon 7 MAX)
    you know,there are many different glasses-free cellphones available in China,since i am a Chinese and a 3D addict like you(maybe haha)
    hope i get some opportunity to talk with you

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