Мулан / Mulan in 3D in Uzbekistan

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Мулан / Mulan in 3D in Uzbekistan


We ocassionally contact Disney to ask them to incorporate 3D movies on Disney+ streaming service. Also to at least offer 3D version of Mulan (which is an expensive premiere not included on the service). We recommend to make pressure by asking yourself too. But if you’re lucky enough to live on Uzbekistan you can watch it in 3D on Mega Cinema:

“Mega Cinema” – Это кинотеатр для тех, кто ценит качество во всех проявлениях!

2Б Akhmad Donish Street, Tashkent 100037, Uzbekistan


+998 (78) 129 00 07
+998 (78) 129 00 20


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