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ProMa, our new brand created by and for 3D heavy users


UPDATE: Now we also have glasses-free 3D tablet.

In collaboration with a leader manufacturer of 3D devices, we have created the brand ProMa. For those looking for rock solid quality and 3D capabilities beyond expectations.

We have been using 3D devices for almost 2 decades, and bringing you news about Stereoscopic 3D since 2017. While every 3D device we use bring us amazing experiences we also are irritated about some aspects or details that brands are repeating on every device, the sort of things that limit the potential of the devices; like the infamous favorite: not able to play 3D YouTube videos, even if you can upload right from the device the 3D videos you recorded, just because the brand doesn’t consider important to watch the largest library of 3D videos available on the internet. And this is not the only mistake brands commit on almost each new 3D device.

When a brand decides to launch a new 3D device usually doesn’t know how to make a good 3D device, it is not part of their expertise, so they simply commission a 3D screen to other manufacturer and they think the work is done, they have a flawless new 3D device… Except for the thing they don’t adapt the software on the device to fully use the potential of the hardware, they usually rely on making agreements to include some Apps that use the 3D capabilities, but only when using that App, not everywhere.

So after years looking for brands and manufacturers we have joined with a leader manufacturer of 3D devices, they have been developing 3D devices and components for other brands for years, including 3D devices of popular brands. The result of that collaboration is a new brand: ProMa. And you can find already the first product of that collaboration on our Shop. An immersive glasses-free monitor with the latest 3D technology that offers more definition and more immersion than other glasses-free devices. The integrated eye-tracking is responsive and fast, and will assure you never lose the 3D image. The objective is to provide a great experience with any 3D content and also to offer a good quality device.

ProMa devices are designed considering the power-user’s needs. For example, the VR monitor does not only bring you perfect 3D images, but also comes with a carrying case with wheels, so professionals and enthusiasts can easily transport the monitor to other location so can showcase the exciting 3D content to customers, friends and so.

And this is only the beginning, we will introduce an exciting new product next weeks. Our objective is to offer products that use the latest advancements to offer the best 3D experiences with fewer compromises possible.

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