PlayStation 4 will play 3D blu-rays on the PSVR headset


With the last 4.50 system update, Sony will add support for playing 3D blu-ray on its Virtual Reality headset, allowing users to play 3D movies on a new way, added to ability to play 3D YouTube and 3D videos. It’s still unknown if headset will recreate a virtual home cinema or will only show the 3D image and nothing […]

How to easily take 3D photos with any camera


Make the first photo and after this first photo carefully move horizontally your camera to left or right side a few inches avoiding vertical displacement (if subject is closer make less horizontal displacement than if is farther). From now make all your 3d photos moving on the same direction, to avoid later processing.

4K 3D Tour of International Space Station


This 3D video is only for the YouTube App on 3D SmartTVs and/or PowerDVD on computers, otherwise will show in anaglyph (blame Google): This video is shown to ESA technological center visitors, ESTEC, Noordwijk , Netherlands. Visit all modules of this floating laboratoy at 400km (248 miles) of Earth.

You can make 3D photos with iPhone 7 Plus dual camera


The Plus version of iPhone 7 offers two rear cameras, a part of using 2x optical zoom there’s little difference between using iPhone 7 or 7 Plus, until now. Now the popular third-party camera app, ProCam 4 is using the phone’s dual cameras in an innovative way to produce 3D images. The app works with […]

3 million Euro for a technology that promise to recognize 3D from 2D photos


Wooptix just has managed a financing by value of 3 million euro.

From astrophisics and image capture on space, a team of researchers has gotten a method for take 3D photos with any camera

Volumetric Video: is the future


Remember the Google’s .jpg depth map? It can be applied to video, but it’s still better. Not only you can turn around the video to see from back if you want, there’s a new system that record not only image, it can record a 3D model scene too, like video games. This allows to not only to move freely […]