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The CES of 3D: lots of 3D products awarded at CES 2021, including Lume Pad


CES 2021 is here and as usual they concede awards to innovative new products (only new products already or imminently available to buy, not prototypes). The first conclusion we arrive is that we live in a 3D world. 3D imaging is used in more and more products

Because the pandemic this CES is exclusively online, so this time the media doesn’t pretend a 2d animations on a fan is an “hologram” while ignoring real 3D products on the show as happened other years; Mass-media have made big damage to innovative 3D products for years, but this year the news of real 3D products are arriving to the people.

We have found some interesting proposals in all areas: capture, processing, streaming and visualization. Some are able to show directly 3D images (including a brand new home projector), others can be combined with 3D/Holographic/Mixed Reality displays to really take advantage of them, and that could help spreading 3D displays.

For home use we can highlight the KanDao Obsidian Pro 3D 12K 360 camera, the Lightfield Lume Pad tablet, the XGIMI 4K 3D LED home projector, and the HP Reverb G2 Virtual Reality Headset.

And some even were awarded on two or even three different categories:

  • HP Reverb G2: Computer peripherals & VR
    The best VR headset today, which solves two problems of other VR headsets; eliminates Screen Door Effect and allow to use in any PC without making complicated setups on the room, if you have a capable computer you have VR, so you can take it with you and use it at a friend’s house or use with a notebook at the garden if you want. And instead other inferior popular alternatives it respects privacy.
  • Lume Pad: Computer hardware & Digital Imaging/photography
    We already have spoken several times about the Lume on our website. You can read a review here or find it on our Shop.
  • Vuzix NGSG: Computer peripherals & Portable Media Players & Wearables
    This light smart glasses could bring holograms to mass market. It communicates wirelessly with your mobile and doesn’t look like a big prototype. They already have an array of smart glasses and professional solutions and even an App Store for them.

Here’s the complete list of devices with real use of 3D technology:

This Portable Magnetic Resonance can generate interactive 3D images than can be used with 3D screens or Mixed Reality devices
Ultra high resolution 3D 360 degree camera for professional capture
The first Lightfield tablet than improves previous 3D displays also can work with traditional 3D images.
Specialized drone with 3D scanning and 360 knowledge of environment
Artificial vision system for robotic and custom applications, automatic mapping of environment
4K 3D home projector that transform your living room on an high end cinema
3D/4D software visualization system
Real time capture and streaming of Live 3D Holograms with various applications
The best VR experience today, without screen door effect and freedom of use without need of room setup
Tools enabling powerful Mixed Reality applications
Professional 3D/Holographic monitor
Next Generation light Smart Glasses. Holograms integrate in real world.

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